My Background

For most of the past 27 years, I have worked at Nationwide Insurance, serving Atlanta area businesses and providing leadership and support to other agents.  Since 2002, I have been the Principal at Kellerman & Associates commercial insurance agency. Now, in addition to my independent commercial agency, I offer my expertise as an Operational Business Consultant working with small-to-medium size organizations to secure processes that maximize efficiencies facilitating positive change.

In my spare time I play tennis, cheer on the Atlanta Falcons, attend community events and Parkview High School football games where my daughter is in colorguard.  I keep score for my son’s baseball team and try to keep up with my Labrador mix, Lexi.

Let’s Connect!

Why I Do What I Do

I think it’s important for any business owner to know and share their why.  Here is what I know about myself now and what I want to continue into the future.  

  • I want to help people that want to help themselves
  • I enjoy the freedom and challenge of owning my own business.
  • I know and enjoy the insurance industry.

Here is the activity that I do not want to continue into my future.

I no longer want to work IN my business.  I want to work ON my business.

My joy is working with businesses.  My work as a commercial insurance agent allows me to do that every day.  More often than not, I am spending as much if not more time counseling businesses on their operations and how to improve them in addition to providing important protection.

The reason I decided to sell my personal lines insurance agency was to free my time to work more with businesses not only to offer them insurance, but more importantly to consult with them on improving their operations.  The place I’ve decided to start is with the systems I am most intimately familiar – insurance agencies.

Working ON your Business instead of IN your Business

Let’s get back to what I mean by working on my business rather than in my business.  Throughout my 25 year career with Nationwide, I had the opportunity to work with many great people in both agencies and corporately.  It has become very obvious to me the difference between success and failure is the presence or absence of a successful system that is used by everyone on the team.

As a Sales Manager, back in the day, Nationwide would spend time with the agents, and share not just product information, they would share sales and service systems information.  More importantly, you could find this information in clear and concise manuals, not spread out seemingly randomly across the intranet.

When I worked at the Nationwide Training Center, we would bring career agents in for a week to work on their processes, and we constantly heard how great the sessions were because they just didn’t have time to do this back in their offices.

As a career agent, I would go to sales colleges and the like and franticly write notes while a successful career agent speaker spoke of the systems in their office, but upon returning to my agency could never find the time to implement those great ideas.  

Why?  I was too busy working IN my agency to work ON my agency.

If I just had someone from that agency to come home with me to help me:

  • Organize my existing processes,
  • Identify what was working and what was not
  • Get all my staff on the same page
  • Write it all down for me
  • Help me navigate how to update my agency for changes in the industry
  • Show me how to keep it going and easily inspect what I expect…

WOW, how cool would that be?

I’m here to tell you, NOW there is someone that can help with all of that at whatever level of investment you are willing to make.  I understand the constraints of a tight budget, so in my desire to help people who want to help themselves, can to do just that.

How I Do What I Do

I explained that my why for starting this operational consulting business is to help small-to-medium size businesses that want to help themselves.

If you read my business card, it says that is an Operational Business Consultantcy working with small-to-medium size companies to secure processes that maximize efficiencies facilitating positive change.

What in the world does this mean?

Before I go into that, I have few questions for you…

  1. First, how long can your office function without you?  By that I mean, no contact whatsoever. Is it a day? A week?  A month? Three months? Now let me ask you the same question another way…  How long would you like for your office to function without you?
  2. Second, when a client calls or visits your office, do they experience the same experience every single time?  Do you know what that experience is when you are not there?
  3. Third, as an insurance agent, if one of your carriers or the Department of Insurance were to walk into your office today for a surprise audit.  Would you feel comfortable, without hesitation to open your books with the sure knowledge that everything is in order?

My product–my “how”–is to help you secure systems in your business that allow you to consistently provide your client with YOUR value added product.  We meet you where you are at, work with you to decide what that means, and put together a plan so you have the repeatable systems in place to allow you to work ON your business rather than IN your business.

I have arranged my services to be affordable, because I do not apologize for automation or repetitive systems that work.  I give you the opportunity to save money by implementing the tools you purchase yourself. The more customization you would like or need, the higher your cost.  If you want help with implementing these customized tools, we have that service available too.

My goal is to pick up where the great ideas you hear and read about leave off.  I want to help you with the how do I make this work? Not only how, but by delivering tangible easy, repeatable and manageable systems that your team will want to use, and you can inspect what you expect after you pay to put it in place.  NOT on a shelf because the idea is just too hard to implement.

Please check out the free information I have made available.  The first tool to those who are interested in a high level Checklist for creating an Independent Insurance Agency.  What I ask in return is 4 minutes of your time completing a simple survey, so that I can gather your feedback. As I’m sure you understand, it is important to me to spend my time working on the development of tools that are in highest demand.  This quick survey will help me do just that.

Also on this website, you will find links to many website resources which existing Independent Insurance Agents and Small Business Owners take advantage of every day.